Opt out of Energy Retailer Marketing

Ever had an energy salesperson claim not to have seen your Do Not Knock sticker?  You’re not the only one.

If you live in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, or the ACT, you can ask energy retailers to put you on a “no contact” list *.

We’ve compiled the relevant contact details of energy retailers currently operating in each of the states and territories with competitive markets – so all you have to do is fill in this form to register. To see who will be sent your request, view the list of energy retailers.

When you press send, an email to all energy retailers in your State will be sent advising them that you don’t want to be door knocked, marketed to, or directly contacted any other way by any salesperson working on their behalf.  We don’t ask you to provide your phone details – so if you also want to stop telemarketing, get on the Do Not Call register.

This feature is temporarily unavailable.

* “No contact” requirements vary across the country.

  • In Victoria, clause 65 of version 11 of Energy Retail Code requires that retailers maintain a “no contact list” and must not market to those who request to be on it for 2 years. The list excludes telemarketing and e-marketing activities (presumably because of the Do Not Call register and Spam Act apply to these modes of marketing).
  • In New South Wales, clause 6.6.2 of the Marketing Code of Conduct for Electricity and Gas, requires that retailers maintain a “no contact list” for consumers who don’t want to be marketed to.
  • The new National Energy Retail Rules, which currently apply in the ACT, South Australia and Tasmania (and may apply in other jurisdictions over time), includes Rule 65 which also requires energy retailers to keep “no contact lists”.
  • If you live in Queensland there is no legislative requirement to have a “no contact” list—however there is nothing to stop you using this form to let them know of your preferences anyway.
  • The form isn’t applicable in Tasmania, Western Australia and the Northern Territory as generally residential customers do not have the option to choose a different retailer.

Please refer to Consumer Action’s Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page. The information you provide is only given to the retailer for the purpose of getting on their No Contact list, and won’t be used by us for any other purpose.

This information is up to date as of October 2014.


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