How to complain

Salespeople rarely ignore Do Not Knock stickers as most know they would be trespassing. But if they do you should complain. This page tells you how.

Legal Status of the Do Not Knock Sticker

The short answer is that a salesperson who ignores your Do Not Knock sticker is committing trespass. This page also contains the long answer!

Know your rights when you are door knocked

Sets our the hours that salespeople are permitted to knock, and provides information about ‘cooling off” periods and other consumer rights.

Tips to avoid high pressure sales

What to do when an unwanted seller is on your doorstep.

Opt out of Energy Retailer Marketing

If you live in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, or the ACT, you can ask energy retailers to put you on a “no contact” list.

Do not call register

The Do Not Call Register helps avoid unwanted telephone marketing.

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