Get the sticker

Do Not Knock stickers are available to collect at many places throughout Australia, or send a stamped self addressed envelope to us and we’ll send you one.

Print your own

If you have a printer and some glue, you can make your own sticker using our design.

Make a complaint

If you’ve been harrassed, or pressured into a bad deal, or if a sales person has ignored a Do Not Knock sticker, it’s easy to make a complaint with our tips and standard letters.

Tell your story

We want to hear what you think about door to door selling and how it’s impacted on you

Help distribute stickers

 You can register your interest in becoming a campaign partner by filling out the form at this link.

Run a Do Not Knock community education session

Community education can help consumers get the information and tools they need to prevent the problems associated with door-to-door sales and telephone marketing.

Sign up for campaign updates

Occasionally we send out emails with news for campaign supporters.

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