Wondering who the sticker applies to?

We’ve had great response to the sticker so far, with hundreds of requests for stickers and feedback from people Australia wide telling us about their experiences with door to door sales. One of the most common questions we get is whether or not the sticker applies to unwanted callers who aren’t salespeople—such as religious organisations, charities,

Stopping unfair contracts – I’ll drink to that!

Victoria Legal Aid kindly provided an example of problematic door-to-door sales practices they were able to help resolve. Matt Anker, who is the Pastor of St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Shepparton Victoria, was frequently approached by members of his Congolese and Sudanese congregation with contract problems resulting from door-to-door sales, including water purifier contracts. The

Anxiety and consumer rights – telephone legal help in Greek supports Do Not Knock community legal education in the City of Moreland

This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Victoria Legal Aid, Moreland City Council and community legal centres and the subsequent benefits to members of the community. [box]An elderly Greek woman attended a Victoria Legal Aid ‘Do No Knock’ session in April 2011 that was presented in partnership with the City of Moreland. A legal aid staff member spoke at