Clever energy companies produce their own Do Not Knock sticker

Door-to-door energy sales have caused more than a few problems for consumer over the years, so it’s fair to say that we were a little shocked when a prominent electricity provider asked our permission to produce and distribute its own version of our sticker.

Of course, this company’s motivation was a little different to ours – if it can get its customers to put the sticker up on their door its rival electricity suppliers will have less opportunity to take away their customers.

But regardless of the motivation, we think this shows that the sticker is working and is gaining increasing recognition within the community. After all, if the electricity retailer didn’t think salespeople weren’t respecting the sticker it wouldn’t have bothered to fund production of its own.

We’re keen to see who’ll be next to get behind the sticker – if this story is anything to go by it could be the person or industry we least expect.

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