Door-to-door selling named as one of the ACCC’s ‘high level objectives for 2012’

Consumer Action was pleased to hear Mr Rod Sims, Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), list ‘unconscionable’ door-to-door selling as one of the ACCC’s ‘high level objectives for 2012.’

In his speech to the Australian – Israel Chamber of Commerce, Enduring Perspectives and 2012 Objectives, Mr Sims said he had ‘read of many cases of elderly people being put under enormous pressure in their homes so that they eventually sign up just to get a door to door seller to leave.’

It’s a familiar story, and has come through loud and clear in the complaints submitted to us via the Do Not Knock website.

Mr Sims also signalled that his organisation would be taking a close look at the energy industry and some of its problematic marketing practices. Mr Sims noted that ‘customers are being urged to save money on their bills, but it is often unclear from what basis these savings will be made.’

These are encouraging words from a man in a position to make a real different to door-to-door marketing. We’ll look forward to the ACCC’s next steps in these areas.

Consumer Action will continue to provide ACCC with complaints from consumers about door-to-door marketing practices. Click here if you want to make a complaint, or click here if you merely want to share your story.

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