Take Action! Sign our petition to end door-to-door energy marketing

Consumer Action is today launching a petition on Change.org, asking energy retailers to do the right thing and voluntarily stop door to door selling.

We’re tired of hearing stories of salespeople taking advantage of vulnerable people, like Tammy’s grandmother:

“I am writing in regards to my 80 year old grandmother. She has now been talked into signing up with 4 different power companies since December. All have been dearer than her original company!! She’s now been hit with cancellation fees from these companies… These pushy door knockers should not be allowed to harass people like this especially the elderly!”

In March we wrote to AGL, Australian Power and Gas, Lumo, Momentum Energy, Origin Energy, Red Energy, Simply Energy and TRUenergy asking them to voluntarily stop unsolicited high pressure door-to-door selling. So far, retailers have failed to agree to our request, though some have offered to meet with us to discuss the issues.

We’d love you to support our campaign by signing the petition and spreading the word through your professional and social networks: http://www.change.org/donotknock

Thanks for your support, and be sure to keep up with the campaign via this website.

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