Do Not Knock campaign has another win

Consumer Action Law Centre’s Do Not Knock campaign notched up another win today, with Origin Energy announcing it will stop using door to door selling by 30 September 2013. Origin’s announcement comes just months after Energy Australia and AGL declared that they were walking away from door to door selling.

‘This is great news for households who are sick to death of pushy energy salespeople who use high pressure sales tactics and won’t take no for an answer,’ said Gerard Brody, CEO of Consumer Action.

‘There is no doubt public sentiment is against door to door selling. It’s clear from the thousands of households that now display out Do Not Knock stickers, and the number of complaints we hear on a daily basis, that Australians would rather choose their energy supplier at a time and place of their choosing.

‘Origin is the last of the big three retailers to come to the party and Australians can now expect less interruptions at home. Now that the biggest energy retailers have finally got the message, hopefully other businesses who continue to door knock against people’s wishes will start to look at their own practices,’ said Mr Brody.

Australians who want to opt out of all door to door energy sales can fill out our ‘No Contact’ form. When you fill out the form a request is sent directly to all energy retailers telling them not to visit. Energy retailers in several states are legally required to respect a consumer’s requests for its salespeople not to visit. This online form means making that request is now quick and easy.

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