'No Contact' form the latest tool to stop door-to-door energy sales

There is a new weapon in the fight against pesky and persistent door-to-door energy salespeople. Australians can now fill out a simple ‘No Contact’ form, and have their ‘Do Not Knock’ request delivered directly to all energy retailers. In most Australian states, energy retailers are required to abide by a consumer’s requests for its salespeople

Strangers are Calling! The experience of door-to-door sales in Melbourne's refugee communities

Door-to-door energy sales can be disruptive, misleading and high pressure for any household, but spare a thought for those vulnerable sectors of our community that are disproportionately affected by this type of selling – refugees, non-English speakers, concession holders, the young and the old. A new report from Footscray Community Legal Centre,  Strangers_are_Calling, found these

Do Not Call Registrations will now last 8 years

Good news for Australians who want to keep away unwanted marketers: the Australian Communications and Media Authority has announced that registrations on the Do Not Call Register will now be valid for eight years. The 8.5 million numbers already listed on the Register will automatically be extended to eight years, according to ACMA Chairman Chris

Businesses ignoring Do Not Knock stickers are risking big fines, as Consumer Action publishes information about alleged Australian Consumer Law infringements

It’s been five months since businesses across Australia were put on notice about the enforceability of Do Not Knock stickers, after the Federal Court’s landmark decision that a sticker is a request to leave a premise under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).  It was certainly an expensive lesson for energy retailer Neighbourhood Energy and marketer

AGL is second energy retailer in as many days to agree to blanket cessation of door-to-door sales – Consumer Action calls on others to follow their lead

Householders should soon notice a meaningful decrease in visits from unwanted energy hawkers, with the announcement by a second major energy retailer, AGL, that it too will cease all door-to-door selling. The news comes hot on the heels of EnergyAustralia’s announcement on Monday that it will stop door-to-door selling at the end of March. “AGL

EnergyAustralia leads industry in ending door-to-door sales

EnergyAustralia’s announcement that it will end door-to-door marketing will be warmly welcomed by Australian households. Last year the Consumer Action Law Centre surveyed consumers regarding their views of door-to-door selling and the overwhelming message from households was that they don’t like it. On the back of the survey results, Consumer Action called for energy retailers