Consumer Focus (UK) calls to end cold-call energy doorstep sales

In July 2011, UK based consumer watchdog Consumer Focus called on the energy industry to end cold-call doorstep sales.

The call comes as new research from the watchdog shows that more than nine out of ten people who have bought energy products on the door would never do so again and only 4% of people are positive about energy door step sales.

Other key findings from the watchdog’s research included:

  • Only 1% of consumers see doorstep sales as a useful way to find out about products
  • Only 3% have a positive view of any type of doorstep sales, down from 9% in 2009.2
  • 50% of those who sign up on the door for a product or service, and then changed their mind, signed up because they felt pressurised
  • 79% of customers would prefer prior appointments agreed before a sales visit 

Read more about this media release from Consumer Focus by clicking here.

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