Linda's story – tricky energy sales practices

Linda contacted us recently, incensed at the behaviour of an energy marketing company; this is what she told us.

Just wanted to let you know of the experience my elderly mother had with a TRUenergy door knocker yesterday evening in Ascot Vale, Melbourne.

 A woman came to her door around 5pm saying she was from TRUenergy and that there had been complaints in the area of people not receiving the correct concession on their bills.  My mother said she wasn’t with TRUenergy and didn’t want to change for her current supplier AGL.  The woman asked to see an electricity bill, and my mother for some reason obliged. 

The woman said she was being overcharged about 50% and asked to come in so she could lean on a table to fill in a form.  She seemed to have my mothers details including date of birth, address, name.  She asked my mother to sign the form that she had.  My mother once again said she did not want to change, and the woman said it was not to change, but just to sign that the contact details were correct.  My mother signed! 

The woman then asked to use the phone and called TRUenergy, and put a man onto the phone to speak to my mother.  He said call would be recorded, confirmed some ID questions, and then asked her to confirm that she was changing to TRUenergy.  She again said NO.  He said he would fix it and call finished. 

Mum asked for the signed form from the sales woman, and was rejected, saying she would look after it, and left in a huff, with the signed form.  My mother was not left with a copy or any other information, and was left concerned that she had just been tricked into signing over electricity suppliers.

 I rang TRUenergy this morning, and they said they will ensure she remains with her current supplier, and didn’t say much else.

This type of trickery is unbelievable.  I was not aware of the Do No Knock stickers, so have just sent in a stamped self addressed envelope to request one for her.

 TRUenergy called Mum a couple of weeks after my complaint, and apologised and said they’d sent the staff member for re-training!

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