Be alert to Travelling Conmen

Ever been door knocked by someone offering to restore your roof, paint your house, or lop some overgrown trees at a price that seems too good to be true?   Unlike licensed tradespeople, travelling con men frequently disappear and leave the job unfinished, or do a poor job – if they do any of the

Do Not Knock website turns 1

The Do Not Knock campaign has reached a new milestone – our website has turned one! In that year, we’ve had 41,627 unique visitors to the website – a fantastic figure when you consider that we achieved this without spending any money on advertising or promotion.  We estimate that at least 200, 000 free Do Not

Do Not Knock campaign gets a Facebook page

Consumer Action has launched a Do Not Knock campaign page on Facebook.   We’ll be posting links to recent media items, articles published on the website, pointing out useful information and resources, and of course answering questions and taking feedback about the campaign.  We’ll continue to post information and campaign updates here on Please ‘like’ us,

Don’t Knock – It’s the Law!

Do Not Knock campaign partner Financial Counselling Australia (FCA) has congratulated the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on their historic and significant win in the Federal Court last week, in a case cementing the legal enforceability of ‘Do Not Knock’ stickers. The case, brought against an energy retailer and a marketing company acting on

Even more complex energy deals to be hawked door-to-door

We’ve long argued that consumers can have difficulty making purchasing decisions in high pressure environments like door-to-door sales.  We’re now concerned that things are about to get worse, following the Victorian Government announcement that flexible pricing for electricity will be more widely available from July 2013. While consumers will maintain the right to stay on